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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not Too Sweet Revamp!

Hey Everyone! Long time no see!

So your probably wondering what the hell happened to me. Well......I realized I'm not a very good blogger. If you happened to catch my previous entries then you would know exactly how horrible of a blogger I am.

One of the main reasons I suck so hard at blogging is because I am a horrible writer. I always have been. I have a very hard time expressing myself through my writing and putting  my thoughts and ideas onto a piece of paper. I started to read my past blog entries and thinking  "WTF did I write? That's not what I wanted to say at all!"

Another reason I stopped is because I had nothing really interesting to write about. I can only post coordinate pictures for so long and now that I got a tumblr and Facebook posting that sort of stuff to a blog is a little pointless. Not to mention taking the time to make a freaking post and formatting it correctly and all that BS! 

Now with all that said, I have to admit......I'm kinda stubborn. I am not giving up! I am revamping! Starting new! And I'm going to kick this blogging things ass!

So here are some of my plans to improve my blog! I am going to start a YouTube Channel! That's right, I'm going to be just like all those wannabe noobtastic Lolis out there and have my own kawaii desu, desperately trying to be e-famous, channel!

But before you start judging hear me out! If you are one of my long time followers or friends you would know that I'm a performing arts major. That means I'm an actor...
Sooooo that also means I am pretty comfortable talking and expressing myself when it comes to visual media! I have no problem getting my opinions, thoughts and ideas out when I have to talk to a large group of people or a camera!

On my YouTube channel I'm going to do a lot of different things. I already have lots of ideas for tutorials, I want to have decisions about controversial topics that go on in the EGL com, and have a sort of advise segment for people who are both new to lolita and who are more experienced too. And of course I will jump on the band wagon and do stupid viral videos.

But fear not! I still plan on using this blog! I still with write about my crazy Loli adventures (when I have them) and posting pictures about it here. I will also post my videos here so if you don't have a YouTube account you can still check out my videos!

I also have just joined the Lolita Blog Carnival! The Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of Lolita bloggers that come up with a new topic to talk about each week. It can be anything from matching coordinates to mixed drinks, talking about our dream closets or prints, to topics that come up through EGL. This will help me to continue to come up with fun and different topics to talk about! Some of these I will write and others I will make videos for! The best part about the Lolita Blog Carnival is if you like the topic I'm talking about and want to hear other peoples opinions or what other people came up with,  I will post links to the other blogs that are participating in the topic so you can go read their entries and see their pictures!

I'm currently working on these changes now! I'm hoping to get my YouTube channel up with my first episode in a little over a month. You all will be the first to hear about it! So stay tuned and for all the followers for staying with me this long thanks for sticking around!